Experience China

What is Experience China?

It’s a 9 day incredible vacation in China. Where you’ll stay at 4 and 5 star hotels, have the opportunity to see some of the most historic and culturally relevant locations in the country, attend elegant dinner events plus all-inclusive meals and airfare for only

 $2,099 per person.

Non-Chamber members will be charged an additional $100.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch! Through an exclusive relationship between Chambers of Commerce and CITSLINC International, Inc., we are able to offer a cost effective way to enjoy a fabulous overseas vacation, for thousands less than if you planned the trip yourself. 


CITSLINC International, Inc. has taken the hard work out of scheduling your flights and preparing your itinerary, and has selected luxurious hotels, exciting tours and excursions, and memorable entertainment events, all while reducing the overall cost significantly!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!
You will visit amazing ancient sites:

           *The Great Wall

           *Forbidden City

           *Temple of Heaven

           *Tianan’men Square


Excursions will also include visiting the Ming Tombs and Lingering Garden, as well as a relaxing boat cruise on West Lake with stopovers at jewel-like pagodas and tea houses. There are also visits to an Economic Development Zone and optional shopping or cultural tours.

Text Box: Testimonials 
“Wonderful Trip, Shouldn't be missed!  Very organized and first class all the way!” - Lynn Winters

“Thank you also for planning such a wonderful trip.  It was certainly an experience I never would have been able to go on without the assistance of you and the Chamber.”- Barbara Miller
Hi Sally
“On behalf of my sisters, Judy Pfaff and Bea Fields, we would like to thank you for the best tour guides, Jason and Charlie.  They were the Best, so much fun.  Also the group on our bus was great.  We laughed and had a great time. Thank  you - Barb Karp

“Thank you for the wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience China safely, easily, and affordably.  I would have never felt comfortable having my Mom on a self-planned tour of China.  The PAACC tour was the perfect way to travel together and enjoy the sites, sounds, and smells of an exotic, developing country without the risk.  :-)  Our memories will last a lifetime.” - Julie Miller

“There wasn’t any place that wasn’t enjoyable. We got to see a wide range of different aspects of China and everything was just incredible.” Keyes’ husband, Dennis, was seen taking hundreds of photos throughout China. When asked his opinion of the experience, he simply answered, “It was beyond our imagination.” - Margaret Keyes of Carns City, Pa 
“Everyone I talked to thought it was an amazing trip. They felt like it was a steal because it was such a great deal and a fantastic value.”
 - Jill Kipper, Educational Services and Membership Representative for PAACC
"Everything [in China] is just so different from what we're used to back home. I am actually thinking about doing some business here." 
- Nick Desio of Pittsburgh, PA
"It was so unique- the scenery, the food, and more. What a way to spend my 60th birthday!" - Rochelle Rozytelli from Oakdale, PA
Text Box: Deadline to Register is December 3, 2010

Optional Trip to Xi'An
This tour was designed as an optional trip to Xi'an to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors- primarily for those who have traveled to China prior to this trip. These passengers have most likely already visited Suzhou and Hangzhou during their first visit to China.

For $500 (US), experience the Terra-Cotta Warriors at the Tomb of the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, Huaqing Hot Spring Park, and Banpo.

More reasons to visit China!

· China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) has reduced imported duties an average of 40% and removed key non-tariff barriers.


· The domestic market is expanding rapidly due to increased government spending on infrastructure (telecommunications, environmental, transportation).


· Fortune 500 companies have invested heavily in China as a member of WTO.


· Some of the cities on our itinerary are located in an area with the largest concentration of manufacturing activity in the world.

TOUR OPERATOR: Citslinc International, Monterey Park, CA, has 28 years in the China tour business and works with select Chambers across the United States.  Citslinc is a member of the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce.

Text Box: The Chamber is now accepting reservations for "Experience China" in 2011!  
Space is Limited, Register TODAY!  Call 412-264-6270 for info!

April 9 -17, 2011